Our Vision

Triton Manufacturing's vision is to engage the creativity of the entire Triton team to continuously improve through collaboration and respect for each other. Why? To create value for our customers.

Our Values

Our Team

Triton Manufacturing is not just a company, we are a group of creative individuals, an innovative team focused on the vision and share these values.

The Best Workplace 

We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, friendly, and well organized environment in which all will flourish. Without the development, involvement, and empowerment of great people we cannot exist.

Standard Work

Standard work is utilized to define safe and repeatable processes, allowing for future improvement.


We process one piece at a time, confirming each step with a quality check. If detected, we immediately respond and correct any abnormality.

Safety First

Safety will never be taken for granted or thought of as someone else’s job, we must ignore distractions of everyday business that may take our eyes off safety. Together, we will develop safe processes and practices for our team.